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Frequently Asked Questions

At eFund Insurance we represent a wide range of final expense insurance plans for seniors designed to cover final expenses and burial costs. We specialize in funeral protection plans that build cash value and the benefits can never be decreased or canceled except for non-payment of premiums or fraud.
Depending on the plan selected, the policy is either immediate benefit or limited benefit.

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  • Q. If I have a policy question, what should I do?

  • Q. Will my premiums ever increase?

  • Q. Can my policy ever be cancelled by the Company?

  • Q. What do I need to do if I change banks?

  • Q. If I move to a different state, is my policy still in force?

  • Q. Will eFund Insurance help insure other friends and family members?

  • Q. If I misplace my policy, what should I do?

  • Q. Who will receive my death benefit?

  • Q. Can I borrow cash value from my life insurance policy?

  • Q. Can I increase my coverage?

  • Q. How can I update my mailing address?

  • Q. How do I report a death?

  • Q. How much will life insurance cost me?

  • Q. Should I even apply for life insurance if I know I have an existing medical condition?

  • Q. Who is a beneficiary?

  • Q. How can the ownership of a policy be changed?

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