Final Expense Telesales Agent

Great choice, you obviously are looking to improve your life and to earn an amazing income as an eFund Insurance Final Expense Telesales Agent.


Our Inbound Lead Campaign is the best in the industry. We understand that leads are the lifeline of our business. We create TV Commercials, Informercials, Direct Mail, and Internet Advertisement to create the highest quality real-time leads. All leads are then prequalified by our in-house pre-closer team and then transferred to you. Our world-class and highly trained Customer Service department keeps you selling new policies and not focusing on servicing previous policies you have sold.


Ou philosophy is simple; learn how to sell and then teach others what you have learned yourself. All the sales training is done by American Amicable Companies award-winning individuals who have experienced success; they understand the challenges you face and can give you a road map to overcoming them. Creating a lucrative, consistent, and thriving environment for sales people who are coachable and dependable.

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