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eFund Insurance will be taking its Top Agents and one guest on an all expenses paid trip to the beautiful Garden Isle of Kaua’i!!!  It is really heating up and several agents have already qualified this year!  Congratulations to Tameko Jones, Franceska Dooley and Kim Brooks!

2015 eFund Insurance Kauai Convention Brochure 1



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eFund Insurance had it’s annual Picnic in The Park last weekend which was a blast.   A special thanks to Gina Spampinato picnic organizer and Sam Riley the grill master!  Below are some pictures of all the fun.  Enjoy!!!

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Renovations Completed at the Ennis Center for Children

June 23th, 2013 – Detroit, MI

eFund Insurance completed the renovations of two meeting rooms at the Ennis Center for Children in Detroit this past weekend.  David Hannah a Managing Partner at eFund Insurance said “It feels so good to give back to such an awesome non-profit and kids that are in such need, we really enjoyed volunteering our time and efforts to create such a neat place for kids to enjoy.”

Ennis Center helps create family stability and permanent homes for children of all ages who are in crisis.  Most of the children Ennis Center serves come from poor, minority, and at risk backgrounds.  Many of these children have been abused, neglected, or abandoned, and are emotionally fragile.

A special thanks to all the employees of eFund Insurance who made this happen!

Below are some before and after pictures, they are truly amazing!


Before Room 1


After Room 1


Before Room 2

After Room 2

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eFund Insurance to Renovate 2 Rooms for Ennis Center for Children

June 15th, 2013 – Detroit, MI

eFund Insurance, an award-winning national final expense life insurance agency located in Southfield, Michigan, is set to renovate two visiting rooms at the Ennis Center for Children. eFund Insurance’s founders David Hannah, Vince Spampinato and employees plan to donate their time and services to the renovation project.

“eFund Insurance’s generous contribution to the Ennis Center for Children is very much appreciated and presents a wonderful opportunity for our children and families. The renovations will mean a more comfortable, relaxed atmosphere for family visits, which will enhance the parent and child relationship”, said Dr. Karen Williams Weaver, Chief Operating Operator for Ennis Center for Children.
Ennis Center for Children is a child welfare agency, which has provided services to
abused, neglected and at risk youth for over 30 years. Annually, Ennis Center for Children reaches over 3,500 children and families in Michigan.
Renovations will began on Saturday, June 22 at 9:00 a.m. and scheduled for completion on Sunday, June 23. For more information, please contact Sheery Houston at (810) 964- 4428 or Jennifer King at (248) 613-7701 or email or

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American Amicable Awards eFund Insurance

June 8th, 2013 – Kaua’i, Hawaii

eFund Insurance was awarded the prestigious American Amicable Achievers Club Award for their outstanding production in 2012 in the Final Expense Life Insurance marketplace.  American Amicable is holding their 2013 sales convention in Hawaii on the beautiful island of Kaua’i at the Grand Hyatt Resort and Spa where many of eFund Insurance’s top executives and sales advisors accepted this award.

Vince Spampinato a Managing Partner at eFund Insurance said “It is an honor to receive such an awesome award and we could not have done it without the tremendous dedication and support that the team members at American Amicable and Pioneer American Life Insurance company have at making our job in sales and distribution easier.”

eFund Insurance is currently a leader in the Final Expense Telesales arena and they were recently featured in the May 2013 edition of Life Insurance Selling Magazine for their innovative sales approach in the Final Expense Life Insurance marketplace and how they are making Final Expense Insurance more profitable.

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When To Buy A Final Expense Life Insurance Plan?

The terminology behind final expense insurance or burial life insurance can seem harsh, but it is important to think about because it is guaranteed that we will all have these expenses when we die. For those who are wondering when to buy burial life insurance, there are several factors to take in to consideration. That includes the type of funeral arrangements that you prefer, as well as what sort of financial situation that you are in.


If you are still wondering what age is ideal to burial life insurance, then all you have to do really is look in the mirror, because the time is now. Waiting leads to higher costs on your final expense insurance, and the possibility that you will not be able to afford it in the future. While no one wants
to think too much about their mortality, with age it becomes more and more of a reality. Accidents can also happen to those of any age, of course, so that is another reason to try and be prepared.


n the long run this type of final expense insurance can also double as a practical backup savings method. Some people choose to cash in their own life insurance policies during times of financial hardship, and then purchase another when they are back on track. For those who wish to know what age is ideal to get coverage that could be yet another reason to think about purchasing the coverage on the early side.


There are many reasons why what age is idea to get coverage is a personal topic. Yet for everyone who is starting to think about their future at all, final expense insurance should come into play at some point. This is a courtesy to loved ones who will want to mourn your passing without having to think about the financial burden that is attached to it. Life goes on, and the financial rewards that we leave behind are but one of the few legacies that you could think about. There are a number of different policy types, so it is always a good idea to check into all the possibilities before making a final decision.

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